Frequently Asked Questions

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Monthly Downloads

Once patterns are uploaded to, they will immediately become available for download here on this website. Just click one of the posts on that page and it will bring you to the download page. On that download page scroll down past the pictures and click the box that says “Download now” and your pattern will download.


Downloads to the patterns will be removed exactly 1 month after being uploaded to this website, so be sure to download patterns as they come out!


If you missed a pattern and were a member when it came out, please message me.



Weekly Patterns

I post patterns USUALLY once a week. I try very hard to work ahead to ensure that a pattern gets posted once a week. However, I may have something come up and be unable to post for a week or so. Whenever this has happened (very rarely), it’s because I’m working on a bundle and come back with 5-8 new patterns!


So please do keep that in mind. I try my absolute best to post one new pattern a week, but things may occasionally come up to change that. Thank you so much for your understanding.




Due to the nature of delivering a digital product, refunds are not given. If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact me!