Make Crochet Your Business

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Learn the many ways we can earn money from crochet!

Future videos will be added, so let me know if you have any business related questions.

How to Make Cochet Your Business Video Tutorial

Turn your crochet hobby into a crochet career or side hustle!

In this video we will go into great detail the many different options you have when it comes to making money with crochet.

Join along and learn how you can start making informed decisions and even learn new ways you can start your business!

How to Make Your Crochet Pattern into a PDF Video Tutorial

If you’ve ever wanted to make and publish a pattern, learning how to make a PDF is a must!

So learn now! In this video I’m going to walk you through how I always make my PDFs to make them professional, pretty, and stand out from the crowd!

Watch or follow along with me as we create a PDF from scratch.

If you want to make crochet you business, making a logo is a must

Learn how to make your logo! In this video I walk you through exactly how to make your logo with step-by-step instructions.

I show you a few different ways to make a custom logo, and advice on creating your own tailored to your tastes!

INCLUDED: 10 different ready-to-edit templates to choose from! Use them as is, or edit them around.

How to take professional photos of your crochet video tutorial

The first impression anyone has of your products is the image. Don’t lose a customer due to a poor photo!

It’s incredibly important to have a professional photo. You need your product to stand out from the rest, which is why learning each key step to taking a professional photo is important!

Join me as I show you each step in what to do – and what NOT to do when taking a photo. This video is perfect for those who are on a budget and those who are ready to buy professional supplies.