Learn to Crochet: Absolute Beginners

Are you completely new to crochet? Start learning how to crochet today by watching this video!

In this video you will learn…

•Materials you need to crochet
•How to unravel your yarn
•How to hold a crochet hook
•How to get the yarn onto your hook (Slipknot)
•How to make a Chain stitch
•How to make a Single Crochet
•How to Turn
•How to Finish Off
•How to Weave in Ends

 Once you are confident in your skills with this video, you can move on to reading patterns or watching my amigurumi video tutorials. Refer to “crochet stitches” series and “crochet techniques” series as needed!

Learn the basic (and advanced) stitches used in order to master crochet:

•Single Crochet
•Magic Ring
•Single Crochet into a Magic Ring
•Half Double Crochet
•Double Crochet
•Triple/Trebel Crochet
•Slip Stitch
•Popcorn Stitch

Advanced Stitches:
•Granny Square
•C2C Corner to Corner


Watch these series of videos which will teach you how to do the following and MORE!:

•Yarn Over
•Turn you Work
•Counting Stitches
•Rows vs. Rounds
•Stitch Markers
•Finish off
•Weave in ends
•Change Color

Are you ready to crochet your first amigurumi? Crochet along with me and learn how to crochet a cute animal!

Here’s what you’ll learn from these video:

•Materials you need to make amigurumi
•How to make a magic ring
•How to crochet in a round
•How to use a stitch marker
•How to count stitches
•How to increase
•How to change color
•How to decrease
•How to stuff
•How to finish off
•How to sew closed

Are you completely new to crochet? You’re in the right place! I would highly recommend watching my Intro: How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners video. After watching and practicing along with that video, come back to this one to learn how to make an amigurumi!

Is it time to start reading crochet patterns? Then learn with this exclusive, detailed, awesome PDF download AND video tutorial!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this video and PDF:

•Introduction to understanding patterns
•Abbreviations, what are they and how are they used?
•Terms, what are they and how are they used?
•Rows vs. Rounds
•How to read a crochet pattern in a row example + video walkthrough
•How to read a crochet pattern in a round example + video walkthrough

Ready to unlock a whole new world of crochet? Get started with learning how to read a pattern!